The Solid Roots Journey Part II

Warren Buffet is Profound

Image of sign with Warren Buffet quote in flowers

Key Takeaways:

  • Because of you, we are where we are today - launching a company with dreams as big as its founder’s.
  • Our goal is to create products where you don’t have to sacrifice quality and product performance to have positive impacts on your health or our planet’s health. 
  • Warren Buffet is profound.

If you missed it, go back and read Part I to get caught up! 

Starting a company hasn’t been an easy journey, as most owners of small businesses will tell you. There've been late nights and veeeery early mornings in the lab between my “normal” 9-5, trying to get such and such juuust right (one formula has nearly 100 iterations!). And many tears. 

But thanks to the help of nearly 200 people who offered their hair to test the product and provided amazing and detailed feedback, we are where we are today - launching this great company that has big dreams, just like its founder.

When I first started planning the company’s strategy, I thought of our target market as those who are already following a “clean” or zero waste lifestyle. They would likely be less afraid to ditch their current shampoo and conditioner and try something new. They may even be using a plastic-free product today. But, if I’m just getting people to switch from one zero waste product to another, I’m not making a huge impact. What if I could instead get people using high-end liquid shampoo and conditioner to make the switch to solid hair care? 

So I got really serious about creating eco-friendly products that could go head-to-head with those name brands on performance.  

I know some people may be willing to sacrifice quality for a product they know is better for them and the planet, but why should they have to? I know how frustrating that decision is as a consumer (anyone have tips for the perfect zero waste mascara?!?). And since I’m going to be the one selling these products, I didn’t want to have to ask people to sacrifice on quality on my behalf. 

My goal was to make a product that was better than what you are already using, with the positive impacts on health and the planet as the bonus that comes along with it.

We’ve launched (yay!) with a collection of shampoo and conditioner bars that cater to a variety of hair types with lots more to come! I even hope to launch a few products that don’t yet exist on the market, so stay tuned for that. 

Finally (here’s where it gets sappy), thank you so much for championing us! I’ve had so much support throughout this journey, whether it’s feedback from testers and market research survey-takers, word-of-mouth recommendations, or friends and family that have listened to me talk about shampoo non-stop for the past year. That support is what has kept me going. Another thing that has kept me motivated is a gift from Paul. It’s a wooden sign that sits right across from my formulation station with the following Warren Buffet quote:

“Someone's sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago.”

I hope that this company is the tree that’s being planted which will someday provide shade and hope to future generations battling the impacts of climate change.

Love and hugs,