Solid Roots has high standards, and we stand up for what we stand for. That’s why every decision is guided by our Root Values - a resolute guidebook for how we operate. Our values are things that we have been committed to from day one and guide all decisions as we grow. We are not willing to deviate from these.

Prime Performance, With Nothing To Hide

We design products with the greatest positive impact on your hair and scalp health. Effectiveness, safety, and transparency are at the heart of everything we do.

Premium plant-based ingredients

Ain’t Nobody Got Time For Plastic

We want to empower you to stop the cycle of plastic use by choosing products with eco-conscious packaging. Our products are minimally packaged with Earth-friendly materials that contribute to the health of our planet.

Plastic-free packaging icon. X through plastic shampoo bottle

An Emphasis On Diversity

We do not take a one-size-fits-all approach to hair care. Our products consider that each and every human has different needs and we maintain a commitment to inclusivity.

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 Tiny Feet(s), Big Feats

We are fully committed to maintaining a small carbon footprint. Creating less burden on our Earth is built into our creative process from the beginning of a product’s life to when it reaches your doorstep. 

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A Champion For The Earth

We pledge to be an impact-driven business that contributes to repairing our Earth and all its inhabitants through programs that give back. We donate 1% of our sales to programs that fight for our planet and our humanity’s future.

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Extension Of Self

We promise to never be bland. We take our values seriously, but that doesn’t mean we have to be. Our success will come with great passion, a lot of laughs, and a little bit of quirkiness! 

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