We believe that personal wellbeing and having awesome hair is nothing without a healthy planet to live on and show off your locks. This means we are fully committed to being an environmentally and economically sustainable business – from product formulation to manufacturing, packaging, and shipping.  


Plastic packaging and single use bottles

Today, humans produce about 300 million tons of plastic waste. Each year. That’s nearly equivalent to the weight of the entire human population...

Our dedication to the earth means there are no single-use plastics in our packaging. Ever. We use compostable, non-GMO, and bio-based pouches to package our products. They are made from kraft paper and compostable laminated film and zippers which meet composting standards for industrial composting, and are also safe for home composting. The pouches are also vegan and free of potentially harmful chemicals such as bisphenol, including BPA and other derivatives, per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS), or phthalates.


"Our lives are in your hands" is the mantra of sustainable business

Converting users of liquid shampoo and conditioner - and their single-use plastic bottles - to products in a solid form is a great first step. But that will only go so far... 

To that end, 1% of our sales are donated each quarter to projects focused on giving back to our Earth and its inhabitants. What’s more, we want your say in which organization we should be supporting each quarter. Cast your vote by visiting our Root Cause of the Quarter page or any of our product pages


U.S. mail is the most sustainable shipping option

Expedited shipping comes with a hidden environmental cost. Rush shipping encourages more vehicles on the road and an increase in packaging waste which adds more congestion to our cities, pollutants to our air, and waste to our landfills...

Rush shipping is a no-no in our company.  Instead, we only ship via the U.S. Postal Service. This choice cuts down on the carbon footprint of your delivery as, most likely, a USPS vehicle stops by your place nearly every day. 

Our shipping will also always be plastic-free. Our boxes are made of fully recyclable corrugated cardboard, free of styrofoam and other harmful packing material, and sealed with paper tape. Every piece of our packaging is 100% recyclable or compostable.  We also make sure our shipping boxes are sized properly which helps cut down on shipping emissions. Since our products are concentrated, we also contribute to planetary health by keeping our shipments lightweight without the added bulk of water. 


Sustainable and clean ingredients

Palm oil production is believed to account for up to half of the deforestation in tropical rainforests, leading to loss of biodiversity and many other negative impacts…

We go the extra mile to select ingredients that are palm oil-free. Instead, we choose only renewable and sustainable ingredients that come from raw sources that are not in danger of being over-harvested, such as rice, coconuts, and apples. If the status of that ingredient changes, we pledge to find an alternative. 

When choosing ingredients, we consider where we can source them. We try to identify suppliers as locally as we can, and use the fewest amount of suppliers to cut down on shipping emissions. 

We also use very little energy to make our products. A few of our ingredients are gently heated so they can be incorporated into our products, but most of the formulation is prepared at room temperature which allows us to use less energy. Our only water use comes from clean-up and our double boiler. 


Concentrated solid hair care is better for your wallets

Liquid shampoo and conditioner contains up to 75-90% water…

We believe that you shouldn’t have to pay for water. We only choose ingredients necessary to get you the best hair - never any fillers. Our products are activated by water and enhanced by friction to create amazing lather. You only need to use a little bit. That means they’re kinder to your wallets, as each contains the same amount of cleansing power as two to three bottles of shampoo or conditioner.