We’re a hair care company that is striving to provide the best products for your hair and the planet. Our products are made with premium plant-based ingredients. They are cruelty-free, suitable for vegetarians/vegans, and safe for color- and chemically-treated hair. They are never, ever tested on animals (only willing humans!)

Image of a rabbit next to shampoo and conditioner bars

Our dedication to the earth means there are no plastics in our packaging. Ever. We design our products to avoid generating waste and conserve precious resources. 

We pledge to encourage inclusivity as a core value in our brand by doing our best to create a product for every hair type, ethnicity, gender, allergy or sensitivity, and ethos. No hair? No problem! We bet you have a great beard. Let us help you keep it looking fab.

We believe that personal wellbeing and having awesome hair is nothing without a healthy planet to live on and show off your locks. This means we are fully committed to being an environmentally-sustainable business – from product formulation, to manufacturing, packaging, and shipping. Every decision we make is guided by our Root Values

We don’t just want to be a hair care company. We want to empower positive change.

Solid Roots' Founder, Dr. Sheena Scruggs holds solid shampoo and conditioner bars