Our solid shampoo and conditioner bars pack a real punch when used correctly. But there is a slight learning curve if you're used to traditional shampoo and conditioner. To help the transition, we’ve compiled a helpful list of tips and tricks to get you started. The bars are a mega-concentrated form of shampoo and conditioner. They will lather up, glide on hair, and rinse clean just like the products that you’re used to. But your hair will look way awesome-er.

Solid Shampoo Bar Tips

  • For best results, saturate your hair with water, wet the bar, swipe the bar directly on your hair a few times, and lather. Rinse.
  • After you’ve applied the bar, if the lather isn’t up to snuff, try adding a touch more water to really boost your lather game.
  • The bars are super concentrated. Less really is more. In fact, our shampoo bars have nearly three times more active cleaning agents than a bottle of shampoo (not that we’re comparing…).

Solid Conditioner Bar Tips

  • Here’s a biggie: CONDITIONER BARS AREN'T SUPPOSED TO LATHER! They just won't. No matter how hard you try. 
  • For best results, saturate your hair with water, wet the bar, and apply the bar directly on your hair concentrating on places that need the most conditioning, such as the ends. Rinse.
  • The active conditioning agent dissolves in warm water so best to keep rewetting your hair and bar if you need more conditioner applied.
  • You can tell that it’s working when you feel a slippery film on your hair and hands, similar to liquid conditioners.
  • Remember how concentrated the shampoo bars were? Conditioner bars are even more concentrated so a little goes a long way.

How To Store Your Bars

  • Keep your bars away from the stream of water in your shower or bath when not in use. This will preserve the life of your bars.
  • Store them on a soap dish that drains, or place on a dry washcloth if you don’t have a soap dish.
  • Allow to dry completely between each use.

What To Do With Tiny Pieces of Your Bars

  • Shampoo bars are smush-able (mashable?) when they get small. This allows you to press your old bar onto a new one to avoid the challenge of using a small bar. 
  • You can also put the shampoo bar pieces into a small cotton bag and lather them up that way.
  • Conditioner bars are more challenging since you cannot easily stick them to a new bar. But you can use every last bit of your conditioner bar by placing the pieces into a heat safe cup and add boiling water. Put mixture into a shower safe container (i.e. not glass). The pieces will dissolve and turn into a consistency similar to traditional liquid conditioner. Only make 1-2 uses at a time and use within one week.