I’ve always wanted to change the world…

Solid Roots' founder, Dr. Sheena Scruggs

…I just never thought it would be through a hair care company. My first thought when starting this journey was to merely focus on how to reduce plastic waste by creating a plastic bottle-free shampoo and conditioner. I thought that if I could get even just a few people to convert from their traditional products, I could feel good about that. But, you know what? No one is going to use – and be excited about – a product that doesn’t work, no matter how Earth-friendly it is!

So, my focus changed. I set out to create the best and most effective hair care products possible. The minimal packaging and stellar safety profile is just the bonus that comes along with it. I wouldn’t ask you to use these bars just because they are better for our planet. I truly believe that these are the best products you can buy. Each bar’s ingredients have been carefully-curated and are concentrated with high-performance botanical extracts, omega-rich butters and oils, and safe and effective cleansers.

The company’s Root Values are what have driven each and every decision I’ve made since day one. And you have my word that those guiding principles will continue to do so as we grow and evolve.

Love and hugs,