Kicking off our Root Cause of the Quarter Initiative

Image of young protestors holding climate change signs

Key Takeaways: 

  • Our Root Cause of the Quarter initiative donates $1 from every bar sold to a different worthy cause each quarter
  • You get to help us decide by voting on our poll, which we will share through our newsletter and social media
  • Our fist ever Root Cause donation went to the great organization, Climate Emergency Fund

Since day one of Solid Roots’ inception our goal has always been to be an impact-driven business that contributes to repairing our Earth and the beings that live on it. While you’d think given our company’s ethos that our sole focus would be climate issues, we also care greatly about humanitarian and conservation causes. Don’t get me wrong - addressing climate change for future generations is so extremely important, but it’s also critical to take care of the humans, wildlife, and ecosystems on this planet now. We tossed around tons of ideas on how to do our part: Plant a tree for every purchase; clean up one piece of plastic for every bar sold; donate shampoo and conditioner to homeless shelters.

We decided that the best approach was to create our Root Cause of the Quarter initiative where we donate $1 from every bar sold to a different worthy cause each quarter. Any responsible organization doing extraordinary work is eligible to be selected as a candidate. 

But what’s more is that we want you to help us decide each quarter. Each quarter, we will have a poll on our website with three great organizations creating positive change in our world. Anyone is welcome to go to our Root Cause of the Quarter page and vote. At the end of the quarter, the organization with the most votes will receive our donation. 

Our original plan was to have our first Root Cause of the Quarter in place starting in April 2021 when we officially launch. But much to our surprise, after sending out samples to nearly 200 testers, many of them wanted to purchase products right away. Not a bad problem to have! 

We never let a good problem go to waste and so we thought that along with making pre-launch sales, we should also kick off the Root Cause of the Quarter. We did, after all, make a promise to contribute for every bar sold.

To make it extra special for us, we reached out to our first customer (ever!!) and asked this person to pick from a list of three organizations. They zeroed in on the organization, Climate Emergency Fund

The Climate Emergency Fund uses grant funding to support the most impactful climate activists working to disrupt the status quo, inspire others to do the same, and compel policy-makers to take action. Their aim is to fund radical action instead of incremental change. We feel solving the climate crisis requires both radical action and incremental change so we are happy to support this great organization.