Solid Roots Supports Those That Serve

Image of a U.S. military service member

Key Takeaways:

  • Solid Roots donated one percent of total sales from the months of July-September 2022 to Hope for the Warriors, whose mission is to assist military members, veterans, and their families.
  • Founded in 2006, the organization helps to reduce the harmful effects war has on service members and their families.
  • Hope for the Warriors works through three primary program areas: Transition Services, Clinical Health and Wellness, and Sports and Recreation.

The military community makes sacrifices that often go unnoticed. They face high-stress challenges in their daily duties. Their families deal with the struggle of looking for another job after relocating, or adjusting to a new school, or making new friends. 

As Americans, we directly benefit from their sacrifices and we owe a huge debt to service members, veterans, and their families. Solid Roots wants to do our part!  It’s the least we can do in gratitude for all that service members are willing to give to ensure our freedom. This quarter, based on your voting, we donated one percent of total sales from July to September 2022 to Hope for the Warriors. This great organization provides comprehensive support programs for service members, veterans, and military families – and they do it all with only 5.6% of their funding going towards administrative costs.

In 2006, Hope For The Warriors was founded by military families at the Marine Corps base Camp Lejeune in North Carolina. Seeing the effects war has on service members and their families, the organization  now takes a holistic approach to enhance the well-being of members by  promoting whole-person wellness. Through their three program areas—Transition Services, Clinical Health and  Wellness, and Sports and Recreation—they help service members and military families on their journey to wellness and a successful transition to civilian life.

In the vein of transition services, Hope for the Warriors provides support from many different angles. For example, they offer financial grants to severely injured service members, veterans and their families, or families of the fallen to acquire adaptive equipment to adjust to a new life, or tools for a new hobby or business venture. They also offer resources for veterans starting new careers and opportunities for employers to find qualified veteran candidates and post job opportunities, along with education scholarships.

Through their Clinical Health and Wellness initiative they offer a range of services that address both urgent and long-term veteran and family wellness needs including helping fill gaps in addressing mental health concerns, or family wellness programming.

Finally, their  Sports and Recreation programs help reintroduce a sport or hobby to warrior athletes, as well as providing severely injured service members with the opportunity to gain new skills through the use of adaptive equipment. They provide athletes of all abilities the opportunity to compete in endurance events through Team Hope for the Warriors, and provide opportunities for outdoor activities and adventures such as hiking.

We’re thrilled to be supporting this essential organization this quarter! If you have ideas for future Root Cause of the Quarter organizations you’d like us to consider, let us know here. And be sure to vote for our current Root Cause here! Thank you for your support in our mission.